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Social Media Marketing is “word-of-mouth 2.0″ Remember years ago when you’d ask your neighbor if he knew any good plumbers because you needed to find someone trustworthy – at a good price – to come fix your leaky faucet, pronto? Well, now imagine being able to listen to and to read dozens, if not hundreds, of local reviews in every possible service sector. Social media is a great big, huge “neighborhood” of networking people that has up-to-the-minute information and reviews. All you need to do is get yourself into the conversation between neighbors “talking over the back fence!”
When a company does a good job for their client, the client can post a review on Yelp, or like them on FB, or make a comment in Google+ for thousands of people to see. Make connections, smile, have personal social causes and concerns, be personable, as you would with your neighbors – this is what customers will remember about you, and this what they will pass on through your social media links. It’s also important to link social media campaigns directly to your website and manage them as a branded theme or message. This ensures that anyone who finds your business name on FaceBook, can check out your website with one click.

Social Media Marketing begins with the creation of your accounts , and continues with weekly or monthly posts.

Creation & Setup of
Social Media Campaigns


We will create & set up your FaceBook, Yelp, YouTube, or Google+ campaign with a custom header, logo & business info.

It’s important to “brand” all social media and marketing with a common logo, theme, header, and media campaign.

Social Media


For $29 we will post on one media account a relevant topic such as interesting or related articles, social causes or concerns you are interested in, upcoming events, your specials & even current events and how they relate to your industry. If you have a general idea what you’d like to add, let us know what it is and we will write it or design it and post it for you.

For best results, we recommend posting at least once or twice a month. You want to be relevant, but not demanding! Think of it as talking to your neighbor over the fence – about once a month!

Social Media

for one media account*

For $99 we will keep your followers up to date with relevant topics and postings once per week. We post things such as articles, upcoming events, social concerns or interests, your specials & even current events and how they relate to your industry.

If you have multiple social media accounts, we will customize a package to suit your specific needs.