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Search Engine Optimization is an important tool in the competition to being found on the web. The internet is a cut throat arena of businesses offering the same products or services as you. SEO is just one tool used to increase your chances of being found by potential customers. Search engines such as Google and Yahoo are constantly “crawling” the world wide web and indexing as they go, all the information from all the websites on line. SEO is a way to increase the validity of your website in the eyes of those search engines, so that your site will appear closer to the top of those search results. For example, a plumber in Los Angeles may be one of thousands.
Those LA based plumbers who’s websites are ranked lowest, would never be found by someone searching for “Los Angeles plumber”. The goal of SEO is to prove to the search engines that one particular plumber’s website in Los Angeles offers the most pertinent information for anyone searching for “Los Angeles plumber”. Pertinence, means higher rankings, in the eyes of all search engines. SEO is most effective when done on a weekly basis. This means changes need to be made – information added continuously. The more pertinent updates those search engines see, the higher you will go in the rankings. SEO is not something which can be done over night. Google is stubborn, and it takes time to prove your worthiness.

SEO begins with an Audit then requires an initial Tune-Up and should continue as an ongoing project

Initial Audit


-Analysis of which key words, page titles and descriptions would be best suited for your company

-Analysis of your website’s text/HTML ratio

-Analysis of your website’s current rankings

-Recommendations for your Tune-Up

Initial Tune-Up


-Input key words, page titles and descriptions on all pages of your website

-Improve upon your website’s text/HTML ratio by adding relevant content in paragraph format

-Wait 30 days for search engines to index new content

-Conduct a new analysis of your website’s rankings

-Make recommendations for further improvements

One Time Write Up

$49 per post

Google & other search engines rank higher those sites which are regularly managed & updated with new information. One way to achieve this is writing a monthly blog. We recommend adding to your site a weekly or monthly write up containing information pertinent to your industry. Every addition of relevant content increases your rankings.

For $49 we will professionally write a blog sized entry and incorporate it into your website.

SEO Retainer

$499 per month*

-Monthly blog using key words woven throughout posted to your website

-Monthly links of relevant content to your website

-Monthly posts on each of your social media accounts

-Monthly Google Analytics

-Monthly updates to keywords to improve rankings

*Available only to those clients with social media campaigns