Big Business-Shmig Business! We’re a mom & pop shop!
Meet Kelly and James Swift of Eastvale Printing. We moved to Eastvale in 2001 with our 3 boys. Our schedule was full, with T-ball practices, basketball games, parent information nights at Harada, band booster meetings, Friday-night football games at Roosevelt, etc. And if that wasn’t enough, a year after moving here, we welcomed a new baby girl into the family. We have had so much fun raising our family here in Eastvale and watching our community grow. After 13 years here, we have met many wonderful people. We think of Eastvale as “our people.” All 3 of our boys have since graduated from Eleanore Roosevelt and our daughter has now moved up to middle school.

We have a passion for our community and are super excited to see what the future holds for Eastvale.

Kelly Swift

Jedi Warrior
and Galactic Queen!

Design Master and Programming Lead
We are a small printing, graphic design, and web design business – not trying to conquer the world! More like the rebel alliance sticking it to the galactic empire!

James Swift

Blue Squad Wingman

Creative and
Program Assistant
Kelly Swift
Kelly SwiftCreative Director
Kelly Swift has over 20 years in the print & graphic design industry. She has her BA in Graphic Design and started her career in Orange County, as a graphic artist in the print industry, before moving to Corona as the graphic artist for Corona Printing. In 1999 Kelly had the opportunity to become a freelance graphic artist, working for a variety of marketing companies specializing in the food industry and local merchant advertising, allowing her to design food product packaging labels that can be seen on the shelves of such retailers as Trader Joe’s, Costco, and various supermarkets and local retail outlets. Kelly also pursued other opportunities to design retail ads for a wide variety of print publications, magazines, and web sites. In 2009, Kelly started “Swift Design Solutions,” which specializes in graphic design, printing, and web design, including social media marketing, search engine optimization, and online marketing. Kelly’s focus is to help local businesses – from doctors and dentists, to universities and churches in the Inland Empire – to grow their businesses. Her web design expertise is in content management design and social marketing, also known as “Web 2.0.” She is not trying to conquer the world or land huge national accounts. Kelly simply wants to help local Inland Empire businesses to create a web presence, to reach out and find new clients, and to have a way to display their social causes and concerns. Kelly’s design and marketing philosophy can best be described as engaging, friendly, and personable, with a focus on local concerns, social causes, and trying to make the Inland Empire a better place to live, to work, and to raise a family.
James Swift
James SwiftResearch & Development
James Swift has had a wide and extensive career, having a variety of creative and technical assignments in business, government, and education. James has his BA from Long Beach State in English Composition. He was initially employed out of college as a technical editor in Orange County. His expertise was in environmental impact reports, working alongside geologists, marine biologists, and civil engineers as they evaluated the impact of off-shore drilling in Ventura and Santa Barbara counties. James also worked in the print industry at various times after college as well, having the opportunity to operate offset printing presses, work with graphic design and layout and with film, long before the digital age! Beginning in the 1990’s, James was given the break of a lifetime as an educator. James became an English teacher in the Inland Empire, starting out teaching 7th grade, but eventually working up to the high school level, and eventually as an adjunct professor in Orange County, at which time he also earned his MS degree. James has written both creatively for print and technically as a copy writer. He has written for a variety of publications and enjoys expressing his creative flair with a light-hearted and engaging style. James began designing for web in 2009 and specializes in content management websites and social marketing. He has a passion for education and a variety of social causes and feels that local businesses should be good and responsible neighbors as part of the Inland Empire community.